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RPGs for me; board games for me and my lovely wife

Comfortably established in the South Shore area since 2008 and looking for...

1) At least one more player for the South Shore biweekly gaming group. The group ad is here please take a look, and contact me, or the Group, or send pigeons or whatever. :)

2) a friendly group looking to play board games with me and my wife - we're both pleasant people with wide tastes. She'll give any non wargame a try, I'll play anything if the company is good.

Personally, I'm a long-time gamer. If it's been published, I have a better-than-average chance of having played it, or at least having read the rules. I'm a pretty good GM but I generally prefer playing, so if you love to GM and are looking to run for a bunch of generally-established suburban dudes with long gaming pedigrees, send me a message.

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