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Looking to get back into rpg's after a long exile of almost 20 years. I've played all sorts of games such as d&d, ad&d, warhammer 1st ed, talislanta, star wars (west end version), HERO system fantasy and champions, battlelords of the 23rd century, rifts and palladium, Amber RPG, and I'm sure some other ones that I'm forgetting. I used to GM and play, but my gamer technique may be rusty after being out of the loop for so long. I'm hoping to find some folks my own age or there abouts (I'm 39) but its not ultra important. I am married (no kids) so my free time is open for at least one night a week, preferably after 6pm and I'm better more toward WED or THU. I may be open some weekends (FRI/SAT), especially as the weather gets foul.

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