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Fighting-men & robots, trolls & zapguns. You dig?

I'm back to RPGs after almost 20 years, and looking for a regular group for oneshot games, short adventure arcs or longer campaigns. Open to all kinds of games, but especially love lighter rulesets and gonzo settings. Available weeknights 7-10:30 and Saturdays 1pm-11pm or so.
Favorite games & genres: Dungeons & Dragons (any edition but OD&D, Basic especially), Gamma World, Encounter Critical, science fantasy, post-apocalyptic follies, horror. My ideal version of D&D would be influenced as much by Thundarr and Barborella as by Tolkien and RE Howard.
Haven't played but interested in: All sorts of things, notably Risus, Savage Worlds, GURPs, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu.
I write about things I like at Malevolent & Benign.

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