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obsessed with Eberron & WarMachine, & a big 4e fan

I'm most familiar playing running d20 games, though I've experimented GMing some Dogs in the Vineyard -- and loved it. Have the Call of Cthulhu core book, but only just picked it up and haven't played with it at all. Likewise for the Lacuna book. I also wargame a bit, but not any GW stuff like WarHammer 40k; I play WarMachine & Hordes, two compatible games put out by Privateer Press. I really, really wish the Iron Kingdoms 3.5 RPG core books and supplements were easier to find!

Since 4e has come out, I've been really liking it. Now that I've moved back to Oregon from Spokane, I've gotten a 5-person D&D 4e group together: two 3.5 vets, two guys with other tabletop RPG experience, and one person who's never touched a polyhedral before. As intended, the combat rules are straightforward, streamlined, yet offer a great deal of tactical variety & creative problem solving. So far, I've only had time to run the hack-n-slash side, just to get people familiar with the hard part; we'll have to wait & see how the group & the rules do with non-combat stuff in practice.

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