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Hello all, I am a veteran of several tabletop game systems and always happy to help out.

Some of the systems I'm familiar with are: DnD (1st ed, 3.5, 4th and good comprehension of 5th ed) WoD (both new and old) BESM (so easy to end with poor GM loosing mind) Pathfinder (Very familiar with this system recently) Fantasy Flight Star Wars (Edge of the empire, age of rebellion and force and destiny) Mouse guard

I have rough understandings of the following: Mutants and masterminds (personally very interested in trying this) Call of Cthulhu GURPS Dark Heresy (or any other 40k based) Iron Kingdoms

I mostly enjoy playing, however I have been able to step up for DMing every now and again. It's been awhile since I had a really good game or at least one that didn't end with other members storming off or party killing. I do prefer the Role-play aspect versus rule-intensive but that isn't to say that I don't know how to make a good character within the established structure.

I also play some other tabletop games, more notably Warhammer 40k and Magic the Gathering, and I am an avid PC/Console gamer. Otherwise I greatly enjoy producing art (in fact most of my inspiration comes from tabletop games/ role playing) I'm out in the Norfolk area of Virginia, active duty military and always available as needed. If you stayed this long on the profile, you have proven a real trouper ^^;

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