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Eager DM Looking for a Group

I've been playing D&D in almost all of its incarnations (except 3.0) since 1980. Though I've dabbled in just about every genre and system, I kept coming back to D&D because it was my favorite. I sold my soul to 3.5 when it came out, and now play Pathfinder - though I can swap them out as necessary.

I am looking for a group to DM, to introduce to my campaign world. It has flavor brought from many different novels and game systems, and, while it may seem familiar at times, it is truly my own. PCs are movers and shakers that can change the economic, political or physical landscape. Adventures and campaigns are open ended - while there may be an ultimate goal in mind, I don't like railroading the game. If the group decides that they want to... GO EAST FOREVER, I can provide the fodder for the adventures.

I will add a warning - Charisma is NOT a dump stat in my campaign world. I want players to provide character backgrounds that make sense (how did your culturally traditional Egyptian come to be raised in Brooklyn??), and I will ask you an important question when we begin - "What do you want to do with your life?"

I want to know so I can tailor the campaign arc to meet your needs. If you want to slay the dragon, then I'd better have some dragons handy, eh? I'm not saying that I need something uber-crafted - if you just want to be, "Rich and famous," that's okay - and MUCH easier for which to plan!!

If you are interested, give a shout!

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