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D&D Bad! Imagination Good!

I set up this profile to help my partner and I find a group of people who would be interested in playing non D&D RPG's in Toronto. We live in the downtown west end (parkdale), have an apartment (nothing glamourous, and it comes with cats & dogs) we'd be happy to use as a meeting location once the group has been formed, or I drive and we could make it to another area in Toronto.

Maybe it's my own paranoia, but I figure we're both a little out of the "standard" role playing age group, he is just over 30 and I'm a few years younger. Ideally we'd like to find a group in a similar age range. Couples are especially welcome and I in particular would really like to meet more female role players.

The main systems I would be interested in is the Serenity RPG (my parnter is currently running a play-by-post of this system), Tribe 8, and other indie games that I haven't had exposure to yet. I also have a lot of experience with the white wolf system. I'm really not interested in D&D or similar "kill-it-and-take-its-stuff" systems. Also staying pretty far away from LARP.

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