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Any game, really. RPG, Board, Mini, you name it.

(July 2013) Our regular group has dwindled due to a recent baby boom. We're currently exploring systems until we can get a regular thing going and starting up an Exalted game right now. LOOKING FOR PLAYERS. Specifically FATE or Exalted. We're baby & distraction friendly, so don't be shy.

(June 2011) I generally DM, but I'm looking to play. Generally I like to play stand-up heroes in games, but I can also do Dark Fantasy/Cthulhu. DnD 4E/3.5, HERO/Champions, Dark Heresy, RIFTS, Hollow Earth Expedition, etc.

(Sep 09) Running a very fun low-fantasy Celtic/Authurian/Nordic DnD4E Game. Previous d20 game ran from 3rd to 20th level. Current game is 5th level, with plans to get to 30. See my 4E Farlanthia here.

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