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I'm a freshman at Mills College looking for some folks to play Dungeons and Dragons with. I have only actually ever played a couple of sessions, but not for lack of trying. I've encountered a lot of difficulty finding a group to game with, but I am certainly interested in becoming more serious about gaming. Despite my lack of experience, I don't think I'll need too much teaching. I'm fairly familiar with character creation and with the basic rules. I have the core rulebooks (version 3.5), which I've read pretty thoroughly, and my own set of dice.

Mostly what I'm looking for in a campaign is a DM and fellow players, preferably about college age, who are patient with beginners and committed to playing. I'd also ideally like a long-term game with a fair amount of role-playing (not too much number-crunching). I'm absolutely willing to (and, in fact, would prefer to) interview before joining a group, since I want to have fun and fit in.

What can I offer? Great organizational skills (I will have color-coded notes on every aspect of whatever game I end up being a part of) as well as a newbie's enthusiasm bordering on obsession. Willingness to learn, and to compromise, as well as a consistent schedule. As an added bonus, I'm a great cook and will most certainly provide excellent snacks!

Please do contact me to discuss further!

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