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Grew up playing 1st Ed (which ages myself now doesn't it) and progressed through AD&D, 3rd Ed, and Pathfinder (never played 4th or 5th ed). Branched out and played a lot of other gaming systems - too many to list - but my favorite systems are probably Shadowrun, Tales of the Floating Vagabond, and Pathfinder. The only system I can say I really didn't enjoy was White Wolf and that's mainly because the in-game drama always seemed to spill over into non-game life...I'm getting to old for drama.

My old gaming group fell apart a few years back and I really haven't playing anything for about 3 years now but have found myself really wanting to get back into a good casual game. I enjoy pretty much all playstyles (heavy roleplaying probably preferred, but I also really enjoy a good hack n' slash) and really just want a game to enjoy for a few hours each week.

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