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Peter K.

Enjoy a variety of pen-and-paper RPG genres, some traditional, some less so. Especially interested in standard settings and character archetypes tweaked in unusual ways.

In general I like a investigation / problem solving adventures with a little combat thrown in every session or two. Preferably with at least a few supernatural or paranormal elements to the setting.

In the past I've played: D&D (2nd and 3.x Editions), GURPS (Space), Ars Magica (set in the modern era), Little Fears, Risus, Call of Cthulhu

A few I've odd concepts I've always wanted to try but never had much chance are: Fantasy In.... Space.... (ie. Dragonstar, not so much Spelljammer), Gothic space opera, Post-apocalyptic mutant scavangers (octaNe & Gamma World), Neolithic (or paleolithic for that matter), Any game with some flexible system of reality bending magic (ie. Exalted: Fair Folk, Dark Ages: Fae, probably either of the Mage games).

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