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The Organizer

I am primarily a D&D 3.5 gamer who enjoys creating custom content. I've designed game worlds, character classes, monsters, deities, and the like and tested them as a GM in several campaigns. As a player I like to create lengthy backgrounds for my characters to provide the GM with ample personal detail, which they might use to tie in story lines. As a GM I appreciate, but do not require the same from my players, but such depth is always fun to read. In either capacity I like to use Excel spreadsheets to help with rolling and character information tracking as I have found this to be the fastest method.

I enjoy like minded creative people who believe as I do that playing one's character does not excuse bad behavior. PVP combat is strictly controlled if not out right prohibited as I see this as a breach of trust among players, though mitigating circumstances are tolerated when all involved players have been consulted. As the leader of THE GAME COMMISSION I would expect any players (new or old) to adhere to the simple rules as I always do.

I have worked in a professional the corporate world for more than 27 years in various capacities and have very little free time, so what I do have I value highly. I look forward to meeting new people and playing, or even learning new games.

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