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Modded HU flavored with CP WoD MiB

I have been playing and running for about 16 years now

My game is based with palladium with healthy influences from MiB, X-Files, X-Men, Spawn, Punisher, WoD, Vampire, CP 2020, Werewolf and anywhere else I might find good ideas.

The things that made me fall in love with palladium was that the transition from D&D was easy as they are very similar at their core, in fact Palladium is a derivative, but isn't, really. But I like the stat system. Skills let you augment your character so if you roll a 6 for endurance you aren't forever screwed. And coming right out of D&D my first outside experience was with TMNT BEFORE the big first wave craze hit. But the big thing that drew me in was that their were defined guidelines for experience. D&D only listed experience for things you killed so if you foiled an arch mage's plot without killing anyone but still saved the kingdom you might get nothing for your troubles. Palladium give syou points for ideas, and skill use and playing in character as well as kicking ass, but it isn't a focus.

SO if you are a rules lawyer and love palladium, you will hate me. If you want a game with flexibility, creativity, intriguing and fleshed out PCs that will keep you guessing or basking in the glory of a job well done? then I might be able to help you out.

I've borrowed much from other games and have made the game my own. Like a connect the dots puzzle, character generation will give you plenty to work with, a strong sense of the character, but enough room to fill in the spots between by asking "why" or "how". A number of people go through the same experience, but why did your character end up the way they did? The tools are their for you to play with, doesn't mean you have to

While I love good stories, a pet peeve of mine are GMs who use OOG knowledge to screw the players. Just as your character shouldn't act on or know about anything that happens away from them, the GM shouldn't modify the game just to make it harder or easier for the players. If you wipe the floor with the opposition, then enjoy your bad assedness. If you find yourself getting your ass stomped then maybe running is a good idea. I've one hit players and my major baddies have been dealt killing blows in the first punch. Shit happens, but the story continues. I want players to enjoy their characters, their abilities and be creative.

On the GM side I don't believe it to be fair to design a dungeon or villain around the characters strengths and weaknesses. I find it frustrating when the villain seems to know everything I am about to do without any plausible or believable reason, or that he is somehow better at everything I can do just cuz. I don't like it, and I won't do it to my players.

I try to give my players as many xp as I can. Players have walked away from the table with 100 points for simply showing up, or jumping 2 or 3 levels for phenomenal role playing and character use.

I haven't played in a campaign in some years with any consistency, and wouldn't mind handing over the reigns for a while to a worthy GM. However patience and communication are paramount on both sides of the screen. A GM needs to find notes and review rules, a player may need to look something up or review their abilities to make an informed decision.

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