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Newly moved to Newcastle area and looking for DnD group. 30 year old male.

Previous group of 6-7 players ran for nearly 4 years through various campaigns. People got married, had children and moved cities but we still kept playing. It was a blast and hopefully I can get back to play with those people when work allows.

Have played AD&D, 2nd and 4th Ed. DM'ed one Encounters session (maybe 8 sessions) in 2013 and about 6 months of DM in Darksun. Preference for playing but willing to DM 5th Ed. to get a group started.

Friends would describe me as easy going, fun and a good story teller. I play for the stories and to meet people - not a hardcore rule geek. I like craft beers with my gaming and will be okay to play weekday evenings or weekends.

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