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longtime GM, back in Arcata, looking for players

Situation: Having finally settled into my new place, I'm opening up a table. I've got 2 - 3 players lined up already. I'm looking for 1 - 2 more, as I like 3 - 5 players for most games. The table will be friendly to non-smokers and smokers (outside only during breaks please), mild drinkers (please don't get trashed at my table). Anything else, the group can discuss in person. Most times, my fiancee and I will provide a meal of some sort, snacks and drinks would be welcome. Sometimes, we might just ask everyone to kick in on a pizza. Approach: I don't take my gaming too seriously, but I am a busy person, so when we're playing, I want to play. Some small talk beforehand, and a bit of table-talk now and then is fine, but no major distractions while we're gaming. I use the rules as guidelines, putting the emphasis on role-playing.

A bit about your prospective GM: I've been gaming in one form or another for 17 years. I have an incredibly supportive non-gaming fiancee who insisted I put up this post, as she feels I need a creative outlet. I have liberal political views, a sarcastic sense of humor, and trio of small to medium size dogs. Anything else, just ask...

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