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mussstTTT caast FIireeeBaaallll!!!

just moved back to chitown after a two year hiatus and im ready to get my game back on. originally from florida and all my friends here are not gamers so im looking for a solid group of cool and decent mature gamers to play 3.5 or pathfinder once or twice a month on weekends. i live in logansquare and would prefer a local group but its not necessary. i have been gaming since bluebox '83 when i was 7 and was pretty much hooked ever since. i have in my time away from college and highschool gaming buddies realized that DnD is no fun if you dont like the peopel you are playing with so thats obv important. i like music pizza beer coffee outdoors activities and all manner of gaming. as well comics and all good media. feel free to drop me a line if you are looking for a game or have a spot and are looking for a player. i can dm or play as well i have just about everything tsr ever printed al the way back to rogues gallery in pdf :) - cheers

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