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Just southwest of West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm a 41-year old married father of three young boys. I've been into RPG's for about 33 years now, started with Dungeons and Dragons. I started going to Gen Con back around 1991 and have gone every year since. Through that I did some work playtesting Shadowrun 2nd Edition and some Earthdawn work too. Then I got a job in the industry back in the late 90's with Precedence Entertainment and took over work on their Immortal Invisible War line while the rest of the company went CCG-happy. When the company folded a few years ago, the game-universe creator allowed me to keep working on it. A third edition Player Guide is available for free download (248 pages pdf) as well as Narrator Guide (252 pages pdf) at I don't get to game as much as I used to, mostly its watching the kids play video games, or playing Heroscape with them (have the all the sets for that, fun game!). I run a home-rules variant on the old World of Darkness from time to time and of course run Immortal Invisible War.

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