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Our group wants 1 awesome YOU!

ATTENTION TABLE TOP GAMERS We are an EXTREMELY experienced and MATURE gaming group that has been playing together for almost a decade now. In our tight little group we have long standing old World of Darkness, Shadowrun 3rd, and D&D 3.5 games and are constantly fabricating new story ideas. We Recently launched a new Homebrewed system using the Hero system 6th edition rules and have 1 SPOT open for a new amazing player... We play in the Virginia Beach area. What you can expect from us-- We are professional males in our late 20’s/early 30’s and are very mature, intelligent and dedicated. All GMs and players are SANCTIONED official GMs of their respective systems and have run successful campaigns for many years. Our gaming style is one of depth, maturity, and immersion- WE ARE NOT POWER GAMERS OR BEER & CHIPS PLAYERS. Our games often will run for over 6hrs at a time and may go longer. As all of us are professionals, our games change time a lot, but we work with each other's schedules. We do not view gaming as a simple past time but as a passion. What we expect from you-- Maturity, dedication, and intelligence. If you are a person that makes characters for the depth they offer and the story experience, are less impressed with statistics and body counts, and are more interested with immersion and plot, you are probably alone in most games. But you may be what we are looking for. GMing experience is highly preferred but NOT mandatory. If you are super proud of your level 74 gestalt Warr/monk/cleric/deathguard red dragon bloodline monstrosity thingy....good for you and best of luck in your game. You will find NONE of that here. If, however, you are looking for a complex storytelling experience that is both challenging and rewarding, then feel free to contact Dave at Best of luck and happy gaming, GM Dave

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