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Looking for a group - or willing to start a new one - in Colorado Springs, CO. Due to some parental duties and schedules I currently need to play at my place and am available Saturday and Sunday. But its nice with plenty of room for gaming! Looking to make new friends and have some fun gaming.

I am interesting in trying out D&D 5th/Next or whatever they want to call it. I'm willing to run that for a little while as well and see how it goes. I would also like to try FFG's Star Wars RPG and will play Pathfinder but I don't want to run it. Willing to try other things if there is interest but I do not like D&D 4th ed.

Little bit about me... I've gamed off an on since middle school (egads - 25 years or more?:)) Done a little bit of everything. I enjoy the social aspect of gaming. I prefer not to power game but I'm also not the world's stongest RPer. I prefer character concepts over optimal choices usually.


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