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I'm in my 30s in the Brentwood area. I would be interested in playing most RPGs, superheroes and D&D excepted (I don't "get" superheroes, and I don't like to focus on killing things and taking their stuff). Call of Cthulhu suits my style and preferences very well, and I've enjoyed GMing it in the past, but I'm quite open to other games too.

As far as Indie games go, I am particularly impressed by Dogs in the Vineyard, but I'm not sure I know how to make it tick. I've tried Burning Wheel briefly with minimal success, but wouldn't mind giving it another shot despite its complexity. In general, I am suspicious of the narrow focus on mechanics (which tend to tie the game to a specific style of play) and story (which I think exists at a much higher level than the experience of play) shared by many indie RPGs.

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