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That's a horrible idea. What time?

GAMING: I started playing D&D in 1977. I have done a great deal of GMing and a smattering of playing, both are fun for me. I'm not devoted to combat and I'm not married to any systems. I'm about the story, our impact on the world, and the characters. These first two links are for campaigns I have run most recently and the third is for one I played in for nearly 3 years: 1. 2. 3.

LOOKING FOR: A fun group of people to get to know and have absurd adventures with. People who enjoy a bawdy sense of humor, have some tolerance of others ideas and opinions, and don't get bogged down for an entire session over the encumbrance weight of a piece of chalk (I know you know what/who I'm talking about).

AVAILABILITY: I live in the Waco, TX area for local games, central time zone for online games, and have most of my available time on Saturday afternoon through early evening. Sundays are also good at the same time except during football season (sorry, I'm just mostly a nerd).

CONTACT ME: Message/email me through this site and I will give you email and phone.

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