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Into Spirit of the Century, but currently playing Savage Worlds (Sundered Skies) and Star Wars Saga in San Diego, and D&D4E in Irvine/Huntington Beach. I usually run games at the Strategicon conventions in LA, and play whatever indie games there catch my fancy. In the past few years, I've run a variety of Spirit of the Century conversions (Spirit of the 31st Century, Spirit of the West, Spirit of the... er... Buckaroo Banzai -- I don't have a name for that one, really), Mutants and Masterminds (2nd ed.), Weapons of the Gods, and... I dunno... Cat? Some other stuff too, probably. Curious to try Wild Talents, Houses of the Blooded, and a few others.

I don't know if I'd have time for another game, but, y'know, at least you know I'm out there.

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