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Gamer in NoVa looking for group

Hello, I just moved to the NoVa area and always looking for new games. I like all RPGs and I like playing Warhammer, Anima: Tactics, 40k. I am not a power gamer, but more of a character and story gamer. My favorite games are Vampire: Requiem, D&D, Feng Shui, Anima: Beyong Fantasy, Midnight (3.5), Iron Kingdoms (3.5), Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Serenity RPG, and Cursed Empire. I am willing to play anything though, and enjoy all games. I am also an experienced GM and can run a game for a group that needs a GM. When it comes to running, I have tried and true campaigns for Requiem, Serenity RPG, D&D 4th and 3.5, Anima: Beyond Fantasy and I have some published adventures that I've run before for Iron Kingdoms and Dark Heresy. There are a few other games I would love to try running but havent yet. Right now, I'd like run Call of Cthulhu. Look forward to hearing from ya'll!

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