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Looking to add to a small group.

On-off RPGer and wargamer for 30 years... Mostly with the same group (sad).

I started with DnD in 1980, and have pretty much stuck with that. My favourite was 2nd Edition AD&D. I HATE 4th Edition D&D. Bought the boxed set of books, and sold them a week later.

Played a bit of Cthulhu, too.

We're looking to get into Pathfinder, and I'm looking to run Rise of the Runelords.

There is small group (down to two now, maybe three, including me) who have been playing together with the occasional other drifting in and out, since about 1990.

It's these three that I am now wanting to expand to four or five, in order to do some Cthulhu. We're an idiosyncratic bunch. We've NEVER played in clubs, in comps, or outside our own little group. But that's because were in a weird nether region of being too geeky to be cool, and too cool to be real geeks. We're Howard, not Captain Sweatpants.

We're looking for someone local, who can commit to one evening a week (Thursday?) and/or alternate (roughly) Saturday evenings. We are grown-ups, and only want other grown-ups (that means 25+, give or take). We don't take the games too seriously. Rules lawyers will be crucified. We like the games to move along, and be engaging, have a laugh, and a beer etc.,

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