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# Location City: Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

State: Pennsylvania.

Zipcode: 19135.

Country: United States.

Willing to Travel: 65 miles.

# Availability LFG/LFP: LFG.

Availability (Days): Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Availability (Times): Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings.

Desired Gaming Frequency: Weekly - Once per week.

# Gaming Preferences Player/GMing: Either is fine by me.

Preferred Genres: Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Space Opera.

Favorite RPGs: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5/2.0/1.0, Rifts, Palladium Fantasy.

Preferred gaming Worlds: Any, Homebrews, Psionics allowed.

Preferred Playing Style: 75% Roleplaying / 25% Combat.

Ideal Group Size: Medium Groups (Between 4 and 6 players).

Online RPGs?: No.

What I am looking for: Hello. I am looking for a group to play with which is more fun-oriented. I would prefer to finally find a group interested in role-playing, versus roll-playing (I have yet to find one). I want to finally find a game where I can get immersed in the game world, rather than do another dungeon.

All settings are fine, and homebrewed worlds are fun to me. Houserules heavy is fine, and even interesting. I enjoy psionics over anything else in 3.5, and I do not take advantage of most DM's lack of knowledge about it's mechanics when they allow me to use it.

I am interested in learning 1ed/2ed; however, I will not play 4.0. I have also played Rifts and Kobolds ate my baby!, and I own the Palladium Fantasy book which I never got to use.

One of the only things I will not try is play an evil character.

# About Me

Biography: I would like to play at least once a week, but more often than that is possible depending on my college schedule (varies by semester), and on the quality of the group. I will always have Saturday, Sunday, and most likely Fridays free, and depending on my class schedule I might be able to play during other days.

I have played and own D&D 3.5, Kobolds ate my baby!, and Rifts. I am interested in learning 1ed/2ed, and I own a copy of Palladium Fantasy which I have been dying to finally use.

I seem to work well in somewhat less serious groups, or in games where players tend to have fun with things. Even in serious games I personally prefer it when having fun is the main goal of the group.

I do not optimize or powergame, and I have had two bad experiences in groups where most/all of the other players did, and gave me a hard time for having "weak" characters. I prefer to build my characters around an idea instead of their stats.

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