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Hero System and many others

Hi, I’m Chris and I’m looking for new gaming opportunities here on the West Side. My old gaming group made up of people from all sides of Jacksonville fell apart. For right now I am looking for something on Sunday afternoons until early evening (about Noon to 7pm). What I am looking for is a Tabletop RPG optimally. My biggest turn off is horror. What I am talking about here is hopelessness, the heroes never win, and generating fear in your players is the goal. I am not knocking it if you enjoy it. It just is not for me.

Now, I am in a D&D game on Saturdays, so I am trying to stay away from D&D and Pathfinder. My favorite system is Hero System (Champions being the most famous edition of it.). I have played a lot of systems and I enjoy them: Earthdawn, 7th Sea, Paladium (Fantasy, TMNT, Ninjas and Super Spies, Rifts), RoleMaster (Space Master, too), Storyteller (I really only like W:tA and C:tD, and even then they had to lighten them up for me), Shadow Run, Traveler, Savage Worlds to hit the ones that I have played most often.

In addition I like other types of games. I am not a big fan of most collectable card games like Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!(sp?). On the other hand I do like deck builder games, board games and other such games. I try to have a few things with me. Dice, paper, pencil, and my PDF collection of game books for RPGs being the main things. I also have Illumanti, Dominion, DC Deckbuilder, and Villainous (Which I own, but have not played yet. It is Disney themed.)

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