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Perilous adventures, by me

The Pitch

I am a husband, father, blogger, RPG gamemaster, "WFRP 2e Refugee," wargamer, OSS software geek, and right-of-center independent.

I won the 2011 Best of the Fans recognition by The Altdorf Correspondent for my 26 WFRP entries in the Blogging A to Z 2011 web event. I may use "Award Winning" from time-to-time to remind you of this recognition.

The Games

My short list of table-top RPGs and wargames that capture my imagination.

Warhammer FRP and Dragon Age.

A grognard with a penchant for RPGs of a darker flavor than high fantasy.

Twilight 2000 1st ed and Shadowrun

I grew up in the Cold War, understood why the Berlin Wall falling was more than just a party in Germany, and love William Gibson's work with a twist of magic. Seattle's nice, but play it where you live can be far more fun.

Panzer Leader and Panzer Blitz

I play traditional hex-and-chit wargames too.

BECMI D&D or D&D Rules Cyclopedia

But let me not forget B/X D&D. I love me some B/X D&D. Not too complicated and just the right amount of fantasy.

Swords and Wizardy

Give me some old school.

Heroes Against Darkness

A fresh look at d20 that borrows from current and older systems to deliver a rules lite game without a specific setting, but one that allows any setting to be bolted on. Creative Commons licensed as well.

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