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Looking for a stable group to play almost any RPG


I'm looking for a stable group to play with. I'm fairly new to RPGs and if you're willing to be patient with me, I'm willing to read the material and keep going until I get it (which is not to say that I'm a slow learner, more that you should consider me an eager newbie in any game you're playing). My schedule is pretty open in the evenings and on weekends (except Wednesday evenings when I play a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game).

Up until recently I was playing Gamma World on Sunday afternoons and would resume doing so if we got at least one more player (but two more would work ideally). I've been trying my hand at DMing that game and (again) patience would be the key to us getting along and having fun.

I would love to get a group together that wants to explore lots of games. Perhaps we can switch off GMing and switch games after we've completed a story.

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