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Character-driven, narrative GM looking for group

Hardcore narrative gamer, with an obsessive interest in making uniquely flawed worlds.

I'm a GM at heart, and much prefer to run the game to playing in it. I put a great deal of time into my universes and adventures, and prefer a sandbox-feel games that really aren't.

I play a lot of indies, and prefer playing weekly,but understand life gets in the way.

I also am one of THOSE PEOPLE who run LARPS at conventions. Forgive me.

--------- I'm looking for 3-5 players that would be interested in highly narrative, character/story driven games. Low/no combat, no power gaming. The biggest thing is to care more about your characters backstory than their stats.

I've run-- Fae Noir, Unhallowed Metropolis, and Changeling:the Lost as long-term (1-2 year) games. Little Fears, Monsters, and Other Childish Things, Don't Rest Your Head, Call of Cthulhu, Primetime Adventure as shorter term games. I've run one-offs of a bunch of others, plus I'm always open to suggestion.

I DON'T do D&D, high fantasy, Exalted, L5R or anything where you have at least 1 combat encounter a session.

Time/Day flexible, but I prefer afternoons and evenings. I prefer to host.

I'd like to meet you before we play, just to make sure our gaming outlook is compatible. I prefer long-running games, and I'm finding the best way to do that it to make sure everyone's on the same page.

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