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Happy, well socialized, nerd.

Happy, well socialized nerd. When I'm being nerdy and not volunteering, or going formal dancing, or going to the park, movies or museum with my girlfriend.

[end 'hygiene / social skills / sanity' standard disclaimer]

I like a lot of different games - I'll enjoy a good evening of silly hack and slash as much as the next guy, and can get very into strategy games (from Axis & Allies to Arkham Horror, Go to INWO, etc) - but my true love is for story and character based roleplaying.

I'm very excited about trying new indy RPGs, though my heart yearns for a solid campaign of one of the classics - Unknown Armies, World of Darkness, D&D, Cthulhu.

For most games, I'm highly likely to ask to include my gf as well - I'm trying to introduce her to the sport and she's looking forward to trying it, we just haven't found a good group yet.

Looking forward to playing.

[also find me at Pen & Paper Games]

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