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Looking for gamers, or gaming group.

I am an experienced gamer, game-master, and PC gamer. I started playing Role Playing Games when I was introduced to Traveller, and AD&D back in 1978 at the age of 11. I collect RPG's from all around the world, and have gamed and game mastered all over the world. I have helped games be developed, and have playtested from Alpha through to production many RPG games. I am currently working with Far Future Enterprises on Traveller 5 material. I play and GM: AD&D 5th, Traveller 5, Shadowrun 5, Hero System 6, and all of their predecessors. I own over 100 RPG games. I recently moved to Richland, WA, after spending 3 years living in Ukraine. I regularly attend Radcon, Miscon, and other area Cons.

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