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Tarniet, Melbourne. Im all alone out here....

Hey I'm Tim. Been into this stuff for 6 years now (i think.... Neverwinter Nights was my first d20 system experience and ive been hooked ever since. Most of my experience is online persistant worlds, specifically 'The Sword Coast' where i was player and later a DM, and 'Vives' where I am a 4 year veteran player. Vives is still ongoing.)

Really into D&D. Specifically im interested in any Forgotten Realms or Eberron Campaigns.

Played a bit of Spycraft and its okay. Interested if i like the idea of the specific campaign.

Havent played Serenity, but Firefly rocks so im willing.

I like StarWars RPG as well.

GM'd a small Star Wars campaign, and a few 1 on 1 (one player one GM) games, but would be interested in starting up a larger campaign in the future. Most likely to start and FR or Homebrew campaign. (I actually already have a Players Handbook for my home brew world)

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