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Rock Gnome in real life...but slightly taller

I enjoy campaigns with a balanced blend of role playing and combat in which you are expected to factor into your actions what makes sense for your character. I have played in campaigns in which anything you said during the game was assumed to be your character speaking unless you indicated otherwise. That challenged folks to role play, but also led to good laughs when someone forgot.

I have enjoyed various versions of D&D, particularly 3.0, 3.5, and 5.0, and in recent years have enjoyed the sorcerer class and the Gnome, Halfling, and Dwarf races (I'm rather like a Rock Gnome in real life, so maybe I am exploring my own identity, eh?) I played Champions a long time ago in campaigns with characters reminiscent of mutants in the Marvel universe. I'd love to play in campaign like that again and am completely willing to learn a new gaming system.

I also enjoy word games such as Boggle, Perquackey, Upwords, and Scrabble. I have also enjoyed board games such as Illuminati and Cosmic Encounter.

For something more physical, I enjoy recreational level volleyball and miniature golf (although I'd consider trying real golf again, too).

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