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Long time gamer, away from the hobby for many years, got back in as a collector in 2008. I haven't been in a regular game since moving west, but I would love to!

At the moment, I'm most interested in GMing in the Harn setting, using a fusion of Basic Role Playing and HarnMaster rules. This would be role-playing intensive, mystery/problem solving, basically a thinking game - at least that's what I'd be aiming for.

Another option for something to GM would be a serious Hackmaster game. This would be a lot more relaxed after a hard day at the office or whatever. But there would still be an overarching story/plot!

I'd also like to play in just about anything I have listed below. I have long experience (and/or a vast gaming library) in these games.

Looking for a group in vaguely the same age range (I'm early 40s) with a pretty serious and mature mindset. I also feel that role-playing is the most important piece (other than having fun, of course) - without an interesting and distinctive character, there's not much point for me.

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