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GM for friendly, sane group of late 30-somethings.

I am a 30-something professional who has been playing tabletop RPGs off and on for years, courtesy of an older brother who handed me a copy of the original Dungeons and Dragons Expert set sometime around 1987.

I currently run a small Pathfinder game (3 years running, at this point) on a monthly basis in Stow, MA, and while not actively recruiting new players, am also interested in starting up an occasional game of Trail/Call of Cthulhu. I tend to prefer role-play (in-voice, speak-as-your-character) roleplaying to hack-and-slash, and while I tend to run a combat-heavy PF game, I personally prefer character exploration and investigative games. I am a fan of Graham Walmsley, and count Improv! (and similar approaches) among my influences in terms of collaborative gaming.

My gaming group is made up of mature, well-rounded folks who are all light drinkers, non-smokers, and in long-term relationships and/or married.

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