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Looking for mini-campaigns

Find myself once again without a gaming group.

I'm interested in running or playing in minicampaigns right now. Talking 6 - 10 sessions. Some of the games that are on my radar right now are Sorcerer, Circle of Hands, Spione, Torchbearer, Apocalypse World, Smallville, Heroquest, and Burning Empires. I'm open to other games, but mostly interested in getting a chance to try those ones over the coming year (2015).

I am very interested in indie games that use the mechanics more to simulate the story than to simulate the worlds physics, and tend to prefer systems with a greater amount of player narrative authority built in (if my character is in an alley just finishing a fight, I want the authority to say that there is a dumpster there, even if it hasn't been previously established, just as an example).

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