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Looking for a game, a beer wouldn't hurt either.

Name is Matthew, e-mail:

I'm 28 just moved to the Upper West Side of NY from MN. I've been gaming quite a while now. I prefer "getting into character" games but enjoy it accompanied with beer & nuts games. I play a wide variety of games, including D&D, WoD games, Shadowrun, Pendragon, CoC, Gurps, Savage worlds, WHFRPG, RIFTS, along with a couple others.

Currently in a group that plays in Fort Lee NJ on wed and sundays. We mostly play Shadowrun 4th, some Fading suns along with many other games on occasion when we need a break such as Warhammer, A song of ice and fire, Pendragon or whatever one shot I can put together for fun. Open to suggestions. I'm also looking for another group if possible here on the island so let me know.

I am quite open to all types of people, but I do enjoy getting in character from time to time, but also am a firm believer of having fun and goofing off, thus the reason we all get together. I prefer to game with people that I can hang out with outside of game as well. Then when it's game time it's just meeting up with your friends.

Feel free to msg me for more info.

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