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Star Wars Board Games or RPGs is welcome.

My name is Ben and I am looking to meeting some new boardgamers and roleplayers in Montreal and join some gaming groups.

My native language is french so I might have somewhat of an accent, but it shouldn't cause any problems. I am mostly looking forward playing some dungeon crawlers and getting introduced to RPGs.

I own the following board games: -BattleCON Devastation of Indines -Blood Bowl -Dead of Winter -Descent Journeys in the Dark -Doom The Boardgame -HeroQuest -Heroscape Master Set Rise of the Valkyrie -Marvel Dice Masters -Power Grid -Star Realms -Star Wars Imperial Assault -Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game -Terra Mystica -Twilight Struggle -WWE Superstar Showdown

Those are the Boardgames I don't own but like playing/would like playing: -7 Wonders -Alchemists -BattleLore -Claustrophobia -Cosmic Encounter -Earth Reborn -Eclipse -Eldritch Horror -Gears of War The Board Game -Ghost Stories -Kemet -King of Tokyo -Lords of Waterdeep -Mage Knight Board Game -Memoir '44 -Merchants & Marauders -Mice and Mystics -Robinson Crusoe Adventures on the Cursed Island -Runewars -Small World -Space Hulk -Splendor -Summoner Wars -War of the Ring

The RPG I am the most interested in playing/learning to play are: -Star Wars WEG -Pathfinder -Call of Cthulhu -D&D -Numenera -FATE -Savage Worlds -Apocalypse World

As you can see, I am interested in trying a lot of games so we should find common ground if we are in the same area. Looking forward to game with all of you!

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