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Gamer addict looking for a Game

Born in the 80's. Been RP gaming since '05.

WOD; Mage (Ascension & Awakening), Mortal, have been my most played. I've played in a couple sessions of Werewolf: The Forsaken, Promethean, Scion. I've also ran a few (very few) brief sessions of Hunter: The Vigil, with a total of 3 players. I still haven't developed confidence in my ST abilities.

Outside of WOD, I have played a couple of D&D sessions (no idea what edition). I've played a few sessions of Dresden Files and Doctor Who.

I want to give D&D another try. I'd also like to try some other games, Cyberpunk, Firefly, BESM, Call of Cthulhu, something Marvel or DC, Deadlands. I really want to play a Star Wars game, and have even thought about running one.

I've not done any research into it, but I'd like to try games that are based on or have the same feel as Fallout (video games series), Sin City (comic and movie series), Harry Potter (book and movie series).

I've also gotten into board and card games over the last few years. I now currently own, Zom-B Dice, Dixit, The Resistance (Super fun to play), Gloom, Love Letter, Flux, Timeline, Munchkin and CAH.

I'm just looking to game.

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