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Willing to play anything with a good group!

Fairly experienced player and GM but by no means an expert. I play games for the role play, not the roll play but I see no reason both can't be enjoyed.

Player experience: * DnD 3.5: I've been playing for years and enjoy the system but I haven't memorized every book in existance. * Pathfinder: Very limited experience here. I really love the system from what I've seen but have been unable to find a group worth sticking with. * Dresden Files RPG: Love the system and setting.

GM Experience: * Shadowrun4: This didn't go very well at all. We were all new to the system and it was a group of 8 players who only wanted to skim the book rather than read it... * Dresden Files RPG: The bulk of my GM experience. I've heard good reviews from my players and I like to write the story around the characters who'll be in it rather than write the story then drop PCs in randomly. I feel each player should feel like they're the main character of a book.

Settings/rule systems I've read or are simply interested: * DnD 4e: I'd be willing to try it. I've heard very mixed reviews but I like to keep an open mind =) * Legend of the 5 Rings: Was going to GM the new edition but couldn't find enough players * Pathfinder: it was mentioned before but I'm REALLY interested in it. * NWoD: I would be a noob to the system but it looks very fun * Eclipse Phase: Based on RPPR reviews, I'm highly interested in this setting. * Monsters and Other Childish Things/One Roll Engine games: Really want to try this but have never found a group. * Deadlands: It's been recommended to me but, like many other things, I've never found a group for it. * Any FATE/Fudge based game: I'm a huge fan of the FATE ruleset and would love to play or even GM more of it. * Call of Cthulhu: I adore horror but can't find a group * Really anything not listed already: I'll try any system/setting once. I enjoy roleplaying so if you have a fun game/system, feel free to let me know and I'd be happy to try it (EXCEPT FATAL!)

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