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Looking to GM RPGs!

I'm Sean, and I'm looking for a few games. I run a meetup that just launched called Hudson County Adventurers, but I'm also interested in joining other people's games. The pitch for the group (and me, more or less) is below!

Hudson County Adventurers is looking for open-minded adventurers. This is an inclusive group, looking for gamers of any gender and any level of able-ness who are woman friendly and LGBTQI friendly.

Pretty much any tabletop RPG is fair game, and RPGs are the main event. We’ll probably play some board games from time to time, too—it’s whatever the members want, ultimately.

Initially, I’ll probably run stuff for a while, until or unless someone else wants to step up. I’ve either run, played, or read just about every system out there, so pretty much anything goes, with a little notice. My preferences are for either rules-light systems like FATE or the classics, like D&D (I have Pathfinder and 5e) and Runequest. But, really, I'm just looking for a fun group to play with...system is completely negotiable. I've also run White Wolf, CoC, Everdawn, Champions, V&V, Traveler, Pendragon, Spirit of the Century, Heroquest, Rolemaster, and lots more. You want to play Microscope, Sorceror, or Fate of the Norns? I've got those, too.

The games I run tend to have at least a tinge of horror to them, and I tend to favor campaigns over one-shots, though I appreciate the artistry of a good one-shot. I just can't seem to manage it, myself.

I'm totally willing to host up to 5 or so adult players (in Union City) at the apartment my partner and I share. She is not a gamer, so I could probably host something like every other week.

Note that our apartment is wheel-chair accessible, but that we do have two cats, so if you’re super allergic, take your meds!

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