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Shadowrunner at heart.

Hello! I'm trying to find a reliable group to join for some weekday RPGs. Due to my work schedule the days and times I can play are somewhat random. My work schedule is as follows; Fri 11pm to Sat 7am Sat 11pm to Sun 7am Sun 11pm to Mon 7am Mon 11pm to Tues 7am Tues 11pm to Wed 7am Thurs off Fri off I have lots of experience and source material for Shadowrun (3rd ed) and D&D (3.5). I have some experience in Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Rifts, Nightbane, Gurps, Big Eyes Small Mouth, Ironclaw, Mechwarrior, Cyberpunk, and probably more that I can't think of now. I like to do more role playing than hack and slash and I'm really not into trying to be the most powerful being on Earth! Character flaws make everything more challenging and fun :) I would love to get in on a Shadowrun but I'm pretty much open to anything.

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