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RPG's, Board Games, Video Games, up for anything!

Hello, my name is Sander Kammeraat. I'm 24, Dutch and a gamer since I was a little kid.

I love video games, board games and roleplaying games and love to hang out and play games with others.

I love all kinds of games. When it comes to video games anything from shooters (Goldeneye, Far Cry, etc.) to roleplaying games (Diablo 3, Skyrim, etc.) to strategy games (Starcraft 2, Command & Conquer, etc.). When it comes to board games I love ameritrash (Descent, Chaos in The Old World, etc.) and euro games (Power Grid, Carcasssonne, etc.) alike. I love indie rpg's (Fiasco, Sorcerer, etc.), but also classic rpg's (Delta Green, Unknown Armies, etc.).

I've got quite a big collection of all types of games. The only thing that's missing is a group to play with! I'm quite easy-going and I love gaming for the challenge, but mostly for the fun times hanging out.

Contact me whenever! I'd love to join or make a group.

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