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Wargames & Train Games!

BGG account = yankeeap

  1. Experiential Gamer (i.e., theme must fit to mechanic, and especially for wargames, the player's role must fit with command span and choice of available actions)
  2. Wargamer (serious Blockhead, mostly; but good, playable, simple games are all okay by me)
  3. Train Gamer (18xx, Silverton, Winsome, Crayon Rails)
  4. Tweaker/Variant/House Ruler (No design is too broken, and no game interface is too clunky!)
  5. Design for Effect trumps Design for Cause (KISS; see #1 above)
  6. Wargame Designer (Mostly for my peeps or for convention play)
  7. Complete Sap for Economic, Stock Market, or Trading Games (Sometimes, though, just a complete sap...)

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