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Experienced GM looking for new players.

Experienced GM with about a decade of experience running a variety of games. The games I run personally tend to focus on role-play, character development, and story. My worlds are always open and the choices are always in the player's hands. I don't tend to restrict player choice in any direct way as long as those choices don't wildly go against a character's in-game knowledge (metagaming bad) or personality.

My games are always PvP enabled. However, because there are always realistic consequences for a character's actions, games I run have never devolve into character in-fighting without damn good in-character reasons that tend to add to the story rather than distract from it. The worlds I run are dangerous places and playing a mindless murder hobo is a character that isn't going to last very long.. even psychopaths know how to blend in socially.

I really only expect one thing from the players in my games and that is simply to roll with the punches when they come. I will never throw an obstacle at you that can't be overcome and I am known to be fair when it comes to consequences and actions taken against the players. The world, however, is a dangerous place and negative things will happen often. The flaws that come about due to the bad often become the most interesting characteristics to play. No character should be flawless, NPC and PC alike.

I'm also the creator of a table top RPG called Dreamscape which is currently in alpha, and Chronicles (working title) which is currently in pre-alpha. Both games run on a base system called PICkle. It is primarily a d6 system with three base attributes and one special attribute, but from there things are very different. I have yet to find a game quite like it and so far the testers that have played it, Dreamscape specifically, seem to enjoy the system. The Dreamscape specific mechanics are meant to serve the game world itself so every aspect of a character truly feels connected to the world they play within. Generally speaking, the lore comes first, then the game mechanics are built to facilitate the lore and make the game world itself come alive.

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