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DM and Inventive Player, d&d, pf and shadowrun

So, I have many years of D&D 3.5 and pathfinder under my belt. As a player and a DM. As a player, I am inventive and will rarely play the same character twice or a cliche character. At least half the time I will require DM approval for something odd I want to do, but I do try and stay balances. As a DM, I am flexible and imaginative. I can improv with the best of them. I have studied, tho not yet played, 5e and Shadowrun, both of which I'd be happy to play.

Just moved to Santa Maria. All my old nerd buddies, unfortunately, got left behind, and I'm really getting a nerdy itch to kill something fictional. So, let's meet, get to know one another and maybe hold a campaign.

Can totally host... once I kind of know you.

Also enjoy some board games (euro is more my style, but I'm down foe most anything.)

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