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Want to start a Pathfinder game soon!

I've been playing RPGs for 35 years and GMing for almost that long. I moved to Springfield, IL almost three years ago and thought I would have to disband my group of six years. Since then, I have found the wonderful tool that is called and am happily reunited with most of my group.

I'm still running the online group but find that I miss the experience of being around a table. I am wanting to start a Pathfinder game very soon. I have one player so far and really would like to have two to three more before getting started.

I am a fun-loving, very experienced GM that is more than willing to teach. I am 50 but am very used to running groups of much younger players in their mid to late 20's to early 30's. I prefer that everyone tries to take staying in character seriously and there is some good role-playing but I am not strict about it. After all, we're supposed to be having fun.

Please inquire if you're interested. I'd love to hear from you!

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