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Old school RPG gamer in San Diego

Our group (6 players) have been gaming together for 30+ years. Currently we are playing D&D 3.5. We played 4e for a year but just didn't enjoy it. We might eventually play Pathfinder. My favorite RPG of all time was Mythus by Gygax, but T$R killed it off with a lawsuit. Oh well, maybe 5e won't be a disaster for Wizards -- I wish them good luck. But I have to say that Wizards has some of the most stupid marketing people I have ever encountered. Their barring CMP & PCGen from supporting their 3.5 material and forbidding use of rulebook PDFs was a colossal mistake

Someday I would like to play Eclipse. I *love* the fact that they give away the PDFs of their rule books for free. Now that is smart marketting!

I like to play board games (especially the new German ones) and have been playing EPBM games for almost 30 years; currently I am playing Supernova by Rolling Thunder Games.

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