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My wife and I along with our 3 children recently relocated here to Louisville and we're looking for people to game with. Generally because of the ages of our children we would need to play at our house which is located in Jeffersontown and we typically try to start playing around the time the kids go to bed so they cause as little disruption as possible although if we could find other gamers who were parents we'd play earlier so the kids could play together in another room while games are going on.

Between us we play (by no means an exhaustive list)...

RPG: D&D, Shadowrun, WOD Tactical Combat Sim: Battletech, B5 Wars, Heroscape CCG: MTG, Pokemon (with the kids primarily, gotta get em hooked young), Babylon 5 MMO: EQ2 Tabletop Strategy:Settlers of Cattan, Iron Dragon, Tayu, Munchkin, Puerto Rico, Gloom, Illuminati Trivia/knowledge: Facts in 5, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble

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