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Join us for gaming every Saturday, Futema USO

Hello, I am president of the Tabletop Warriors Gaming Association out of Okinawa Japan. We are a multi genery, multi system, and multi game type, gaming club. see our add below.

***************************************** Please pass along to any that might be transferring or moving to Okinawa Japan, and are looking for gaming there. Let them know that there are many gamers on island. see the add below for any who might be traveling that way. **************************** Hello gamers, I have seen several requests if there are any game clubs or groups in Okinawa Japan. I want to tell you yes and the Tabletop Warriors have been in place since early 1999. We used to be based out of the Shilling Community Center on Kadena AFB but now are on Futema Station USO. Please see our membership add below for information and contacts. Please pass along to any who are looking for gaming in Okinawa, Japan Hello gamers, come out and join one of the longest running game club on Okinawa. No matter if your gaming interest are Miniature War Games, RPGs, Collectible Card Games (CCGs), Board Games, or just want to hang out with other gamers, this is the club for you. We welcome players of every level, experience, and interest. Open gaming normally held every Saturday at the Futema USO from open to close. Looking to expand chapters to Camp Foster, Kadena AFB, Camp Hanson and Camp Schawab. Hope to see you there Like us on FB @ Tabletop Warriors -TTW- Gaming Association Okinawa

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